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Your roles and responsibilities

Educational Supervisors have four key responsibilities in relation to Foundation Doctors which are briefly outlined here. Additional and more detailed information is available by following the menu items

1. Assessments and Sign Off

Foundation Doctors have to meet the requirements of the curriculum in order to be signed off from their F1 and F2 training. Educational Supervisors have a key role in ensuring this takes place. Please follow the Good practice for assessments item for more information.

2. Careers

Supervisors /designated individuals are required to give careers advice to foundation programme doctors.
Key areas are :

  • Self assessment
  • Career exploration
  • decision making and implementation

Further information about giving careers advice can be found by following the menu item on the left.

3. Personal Support

Foundation Doctors are experiencing great change in moving from being a student to a full time doctor with its associated responsibilities. Educational Supervisors are usually the first to identify any difficulties that this may cause an individual and therefore needs to aware of how best to support and manage such situations.

4. Recommended training for Educational Supervisors

Recommended training requirements for Educational Supervisors are outlined in the document “clinical and educational supervisors: minimum training specification”, which you may wish to read.