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Good practice for assessments

Educational Supervisors have a key role in signing off the Foundation Doctors and ensuring that they have achieved the appropriate competencies.

The FD is required to complete a series of work-based assessments at regular intervals throughout the year.  This will include a minimum of:

  • 9 x Direct observation of doctor/patient interaction to include:
    • Minimum of 6 x Mini –Clinical Encounter Exercise (mini-CEX)
    • Directly Observed Procedural Skill (DOPs)
  • 6 x Case-Based Discussion (CbD)
  • 1 x Developing the Clinical Teacher
  • 1 x Team Assessment of Behaviour (TAB) - preferably in the first placement
  • 3 x Clinical Supervisor End of Placement reports (1 per placement)
  • 3 x Educational Supervisor End of Placement reports (1 per placement)
  • 1 x Educational Supervisor End of Year report

All of the above must be recorded in the appropriate areas on ePortfolio. This list is the minimum expected and every effort should be taken on both sides to ensure that every experience is recorded.

Further guidance on good practice is available for trainers and trainees on the UKFPO website.