Foundation FAQs

Flexible training

In certain circumstances it may be appropriate for foundation doctors to consider Less Than Full Time (LTFT) training. If your circumstances change and you are concerned, please contact your Educational Supervisor, and then your Foundation Programme Director in the first instance. It will also have to be discussed and agreed with the Foundation School.

It is generally only agreed in the following circumstance:

  • Ill health or disability
  • Caring for an ill/disabled child, partner, relative or dependant
  • Personally caring for children <16yrs old
  • Unique personal development opportunities (medical)
  • Religious commitment
  • Non-medical professional courses

If you are at a London trust:

  • Bart's Health NHS Trust
  • Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Barking, Havering, Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust

you can find information and forms at Health Education South London.

If you are at an Essex trust:

  • Colchester Hospital University Foundation Trust
  • Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust
  • Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust
  • Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

you can find more information and forms at Health Education East of England.

There is more information to be found at the NHS Employers website.

Reasonable Adjustments

If you are struggling with your training due to out-of-work commitments then you can apply to make reasonable adjustments to your pattern of work that may include only working certain hours. You should contact your Foundation Programme Director at your Employing Trust in the first instance, and also us at

Time Out of Training

You can apply to take time out of foundation training, either on a planned basis or if your circumstances change unexpectedly. This can be arranged by contacting your local Foundation Programme Director at your Employing Trust. The request form can be foundĀ  here