Programme Matching

North East Thames Foundation School is a large Foundation School with over 340 programmes, including 27 academic programmes (from 2015) based at our teaching hospitals.

Each programme is made up of a Foundation year 1 (F1 or FY1) and a Foundation year 2 (F2 or FY2) year. Each programme year is made up of 3x 4month posts in individual specialties, with 6 in total.

If allocated to NETFS via the national FPAS process, we then run a two stage process to match you to a specific foundation programme. This matching is done on the basis of your FPAS application score and your ranking of our programmes in order of preference. We match you initially to a group which is based on geographical location:

  1. London (Barts Health, Barking, Havering & Redbridge and Homerton Hospital Trusts)
  2. Essex (Colchester, Southend, Mid-Essex and Princess Alexandra Hospital Trusts)

About 230 of our programmes have at least one year in London and one year in Essex. The combinations are:

  • London (both years)
  • F1 London, F2 Essex
  • F1 Essex, F2 London
  • Essex (both years)
  • Unlinked F1 (F2 post chosen part-way through F1 year. The programme is guaranteed, but the exact location or post are not.

Once matched to a group, we then match you, in most cases, to a 2 year programme. Details on NETFS Programmes can be downloaded from our Applicants tab.